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Using Glue-On and Casting Material
Here is our latest case of hoof trauma. This is Sophie, a young mare owned by Captain Christy of Greenville, suffering from the effects of the rain of 2013.  Many of us saw what the excessive rains of that year caused: soft white line, gravel compaction, abscessing and wall separation. Although professionally cared for on a 6-8wk basis, Sophie felt all of these conditions in her bare hind feet. The gravel worked its way up by the summer of 2013, causing lameness with continued gravel pressure being driven in. She was cleaned out and a shoe placed on both hind feet.  Happily she continued her regular work routine until summer of 2014. By this point the separated wall had grown down to a weak point at ground level. Noticing the splitting hoof we put on an eggbar to displace the weight to as much strong hoof as we could. Unfortunately she got herself caught up in something in her pasture and ripped her hoof up(note upper pictures) She was bloody and half the hoof and shoe were hanging on.
We cleaned her up and applied EquiCast to her, yes it is a cast as in broken arm cast. This cast gave her the entire hoof support she needed during the crucial time. Fortunately Sophies grows an incredible amount of hoof. We were able to round her hoof and apply a longer lasting hoof wall barrier using Vettec SuperFast hoof plastics. She stayed in a the wall plastics for over a month giving just enough growth to put on a supportive shoe filling in the empty areas with the same Vettec Superfast. and she is back on the trails roughly 2 months after the injury. Great stuff, Praise God
          Next is  Rocky, of Circle J in Fountain Inn. 
                  Rocky has what is considered a Grade #4 club hoof. It is on the left front.
             There is damage to the toe and is creating load pressure at toe of P3 (coffin bone)
                        After Trinity Ridge's Veternarian Dr Patterson xrayed the hoof 
                 we applied the lastest in therapeutic technology
  Here is the hoof cleaned, rasped, and prepared for gluing on the customized St. Croix 00. We      drew a toe clip for protection to the P3 bone. Also we lowered the lateral heel of the shoe      accommodating the horses needs. The shoe is glued on using Vettec Adhere and just two heel                                                   nails (placed per radiograph info)
Here is the finished hoof with the Equicast applied. As with most club footed horses, thrush is a                       problem here. To combat it we applied the Vettec Equipak CS (copper sulfate).

                              The Vita's have been shoeing all over the east coast!
                                        Now they are a permanent fixture in the upsate :)

                Offering: Aluminum, Plastic, Glue-Ons and the latest in Hoof Technology 
                                                  Specialized/hospital/therapeutic shoeing

                                                  Performance/maintenance floating done 
                                                             with hand tools & patience

We have helped the hooves and teeth of:
                                            English/Western Pleasure and Show
                                                              Polo and Sport
                                                     Mounted Patrol and Street 

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