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Corrective Work Shared

Above is Lil BIt in center, her original deformity after just  one trim, and her corrected hoof 1 year later
Here is just one of the several corrective jobs Joseph and Laura have been called onto.  Joseph Vita has quite an extensive knowledge on a horse's way of going.  He  also has quite an extensive knowledge on repairing deformities, building custom shoes, and performing therapeutic shoeing. Here is a 6 yr old miniature horse named Lil Bit.  We have been called in to correct a hoof deformity on the left hind. The mini rolls over her outside wall all the way to her coronary band (hair line) with each step.  She has collapsed her outside wall, and curled up her inside wall like a dutch shoe.No
te the angle from hoof wall to ground surface.  Here is the underside. Notice the thin outside (right) hoof wall, and odd shaped frog. This is the first set of shoes crafted by Joseph Vita specifically for Lil' Bit. Note the extended thin bar on the  outside of the shoe, Sheet rock screws on the inside branch, and deformed frog/sole. Here is an upright view of the now shod hoof. The shoe extends to the outside of the hoof with a  rocker that cause the horse to step onto the inside of the hoof.  The pressure is alleviated from the  out side wall to allow proper growth.
The screws are placed in the "dutch shoe" shaped outer wall. 
Here is the final view of the hoof from the first shoeing. Note the bulging outside (left) of the pastern area. 
Lil Bit's 2nd shoeing
Here are pictures from the 2nd shoeing of Lil Bit. This job was done 8 weeks later. Look back up and note the angle from the hoof wall to ground surface in the previous picture compared to this 8 week later shot. By the grace of God the shoe allowed the outside hoof wall to do just what it was supposed to do: allieviate pressure allowing it to grow straight. The "dutch shoe" inside wall is indeed undermined and "seedy toe" is present. This will prove a hard ship for this shoeing rotation.The underside shows the frog in a less deformed state but still battling some thrush from the caved over outer hoof wall. But check out the outer hoof wall (lower side in this shot).  There is a white line present!  This time the wall has been cut drastically on the outside, cutting off the curved section.  Here is  a back under shot.  You can see the hoof wall that we are trying to get room for it to grow straight down.  Here is Lil Bit with her 2nd shoeing. Again note the angle of the hoof wall to the ground surface and the extended shoe on the outer wall. All in all we totally thank God for the progress this  little one has done in just 8 weeks.  You never know how the corrections are going to work or how quickly. The horses unfortunately have not read the shoeing and vet books, they each do their own thing. 
So as a Farrier you have to throw several different fixes at each subject and see what sticks.
Lil Bit 3rd shoeing only one week later:
Okay interior hoof wall was not going to hold this shoe again. The weakened wall needed support. Here is the new shoe on what is the 3rd shoeing, but unfortunately this was put on only 1 week after the last shoeing because Lil Bit decided to throw the last one away. The inside support bar helped in two ways.  It pushed against the  inside bar of the hoof acting as the bar of the hoof gripping the hoof along with the screws, kind of like an exterior clip on shoes.  It also will push the hoof wall out as the bars of the hoof are supposed to if they are not crushed and deformed as Lil Bits were. We also had to set the shoe inside the "dutch shoe" interior side to allow for new hoof to screw into.There is still a rocker motion happening forcing each step to the inside where the mini did not want to step

Lil BIts 4th shoeing
Here is the next shoeing 8 weeks after the 3rd. Lil bit is getting some equal heel length, and a shrinking of the hoof is happening. This is good due to the fact the hoof was enlarged from deformed positioning of the heel bulbs.The sole and frog are beautiful. We are thanking God for the mini's progress. Scroll up and remember the underside from just about 17 weeks earlier. The thrush is virtually gone thanks to the owners constant attention to it. This shoeing called for more major corrective trimming.  The shoe is still carrying the interior bar as in the 3rd shoeing. Now the "dutch shoe" shape of the inside wall of the hoof has been shaved completely off. Lil bits hoof is a more normal shape now. Note the angle of the outer hoof wall to the ground surface, it is leaving the acute angle it was in and heading into the obtuse angle of a normal hoof. Here the pony is showing the first stage of her step. She is on the outside wall where she once wanted to rely on for support. The shoe doesn't allow her to stay here but pushes her to the inside. This is correcting her step and thus correcting her bone structure.  We look forward to posting our next work with her when we go update her hooves in 4 more weeks.  Look for it to be posted by December. Please keep Lil Bit in your prayers, it is only by God that this little creature can be healed. And He tells us in his word that He cares for the Sparrows. :) and you can never pray for too many things.
Thanks for reading
Here is Lil Bits 5th and most recent shoeing.
She is looking amazing. God is truely blessing this endeavor and Lil BIt is reaping the rewards.  After seeing how well the underside of her hoof has come along we are looking to work our way up the leg and see how much we can correct the structural stance and movement. Note in the barefoot pictures the incorrect angle from leg to hoof to ground surface. The next set of shoeing procedures will look to straighten this out.
The shoe that has been put on is still utilizing the inside retainer bar along with the nails working together to hold the shoe in place. This bar also is pushing the wall out as a natural bar would do in that of a sound hoof. Lil Bit is still  in the process of reproducing one of these. Plastics have  been used as a cushion and stabilizer. 
The mini wants to break over the outside hoof, so the shoe has been extended at the toe on the outside forcing breakover to the inside. By extending the  bar out past the heel she is given the  support at the  heel that she has been crushing,  helping the breakover to the inside. The  sticker lifts the heel up on the outside effecting medial/lateral balance and effecting breakover as well. Lil Bit's next shoeing is early February. We pushed the length between shoeings  to 10weeeks to allow more growth to work with. She has been monitored every four weeks by us to check growth and motion. Keep praying
Lil Bit's 6th Shoeing Below are the lates pictures of Lil Bit, shoeing accomplished on Saturday January 29th. What you will see is shoeing that is continuing to correct the lower boney column in the leg, affecting the P1, P2, and P3 (hoof and pastern bones) The shoe is still free from touching the outer hoof wall, allowing the hoof to continue to grow out and spread. This shoeing we really cut the hoof down to as normal of balance as we can. As you can see the hoof looks normal. What you can't see is her motion. As she walks barefoot she is starting to support herself down the center of the leg. Incorrect breakover to the outside is slowly diminishing. She is beginning to have a straight break over.The shoe  is again being kept on to allow for continued remodification of the boney column. We kept the shoe the same as we were happy with the results. An outer extended toe forcing centered breakover; a wider heel for room to grow on the outer wall; an inside artificial bar pushing the wall out as a hoof's natural bar would do if it were present and strong; and finally there is still the sticker that lifts the heel up where it once was weak, straightening the leg, and allowing correct landing and break over.  If you are wondering, no that is not blood on her heel  thank the Lord, just some iodine for cleansing the hoof after adding the shoe. Also note as she is barefoot, she is begining to stand on the once weak leg. It is feeling strong enough to be a weight bearing leg. In addition, the angle from ground surface to her medial (inner ) heel is shrinking and it appears that soon she will have equal contact medial and lateral with the ground. Thank the Lord for His mercy in this project. We will  update our next work sometime in April. Thanks for reading.
Here is the latest shoeing of Lil Bit shod May 1st. This will probably be the last update for Lil Bit, as we see her boney column has properly been affected and is changing for the better. Lil Bit's last shoe came off 2 days before we could get to her. Upon showing up we found that Lil Bit is walking wonderfully on her own. Her breakover is almost 100% correct.. She is still  being trimmed and shod the same as the last one documented and will  continute this way until we feel certain everything is solidified. We know it was only God's hand that straightened Lil Bit. Thank you all for watching the updates. Note how wonderfull the underside looks, normal! The heels are even, and the hoof  is widening. Again Thank you for watching. We can't wait for the next job the Lord brings along
Lil Bit is still doing well in 2015. We took off her shoe for 6 months at the end of 2012 into 2013. With extra turnout, meaning a lot of motion, she was not able to keep the correction the shoeing had given her even at a 3 and 4 week trim rotation. We put the shoe back on towards the end of 2013, but she maintained full pasture turn out. Our problem, she kept throwing shoes in the main pasture because of the stress on the outside wall in her stride. We tried using the casting material to aid in holding the shoe on.  This was not something we could keep continuous as it would restrict growth and natural spread of the hoof.  By the end of 2014 with 6 week rotation shoeing, we suggested Lil Bit only have a small turnout pasture with one buddy again.  During the beginning of this year, 2015 we finally had the foot back to the original shoeing respone.  Turnout definately had too much motion on all the joints and too much pressure at the angle of her landing and breakover. So these pictures are her latest. 
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