Joseph and Laura Vita
$25 Trims 
$50 Teeth Float
$65 Fronts  $110 All Four
$15 Farm Call Applies 

"a horseman's horseman"
You can contact them at or (864)553-4165   also visit 
A collection of our Photos
Crack correction in a Percheron of a clients horse in Iva. The shoe was custom built by Joseph Vita.

Here are some of our heel and toe Caulks also known as studs, for more grip for various riding disciplines (i.e. jumping, trails, endurance, competitive carriage).

When he is not shoeing Joseph is doing a ministry.  These are hard times, actually, it has always been hard times.  People need to know there is a God who loves them. Joseph rides his trusty horse Leviticus down the roads of various towns, passing out bibles and asking those he comes across if they need prayers for something. Remember, no matter how hard it is, we have a Savior who left His throne to come down here with us and for us, to give us a way out of all this mess.  Believe in the Lord and ye shall be saved.

Equine Dentistry: FLOATING
 An important yet often overlooked part of our friends' life. Joseph first tenderly checks the animal's cheek for sensitivity. This begins their communication. The horse will let him know where to start.

Next step is the visual. Checking for any sores throughout the mouth as well as any interior hooks and points not easily detected with the external probing.

Once the examination has been made then the floating begins. As the horse ages, the daily chewing process along with the continual growing process causes unbalanced wear of the teeth. Horses will develop hooks and points on the teeth that poke and pinch the cheeks tongue and sometimes gums. These hooks and points will need to be filed down to a smooth surface. This is step three of Joseph's dental care.

The final step is another visual and physical palpation. Checking all surfaces, Joseph will hand you back a much happier animal.  All done in the care of a professional and without drugs.

A resection of the back left hoof following constant abcessing in a clients horse of Pelzer.

The horse is not abcessing as he was. In the past in wet days the older horse would get cronic abcesses.


But with this care the horse hasn't abcessed in 6 mths. We will keep you informed.

A Dental Drawing from our daughter, who also owns a happy client of her Papa's.

                        Four year colt's teeth

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